About Us

Our Vision and Values

We believe in looking out for partner’s best interests over any real estate investment opportunities. We do this by educating our partners while helping them find the right real estate investment opportunities that align with their financial goals. The same core principals of acquiring cash flowing and appreciating real estate assets that has resulted in our success is shared with our partners.

Our Mission

We have an unfaltering mission to support, develop and empower our partners. Our belief is that everyone can achieve their financial goals through real estate investments regardless of whether they are just starting out or continuing to build their portfolio.

About Us

We invest in multiple real estate asset classes which include: residential real estate, vacation rentals, residential (small) multifamily and commercial (large) multifamily investment properties. Our focus has and will always be cash flowing and appreciating real estate assets. Our secret to success has been diversification in multiple real estate classes which allows us to spread the risk.

With over a decade of experience, we are now helping others achieve their financial goals through real estate investments, sharing our lessons learned while allowing our partners to leverage our team of lawyers, accountants, advisors and real estate professionals who are the top experts in the industry.

Some things that set us aside from other real estate investment companies:

Meet the Founder and CEO: Joseph Danza

Meet Joseph "Joe" Danza the Founder and CEO of Simplified Real Estate Investments LLC. With over 14 years of real estate experience, he is the owner of multiple real estate companies along the east coast. Joe has been working in real estate since he was a child, to include working as a property manager in his parent's real estate business. Watching his parents tirelessly work in their business, he saw the benefits of real estate. He knew from an early age that real estate could provide generational wealth and the path towards achieving ones financial goals if done correctly. He also serves as an Army Reserve Chaplain and IT Program Manager for the Navy. He is an avid runner and enjoys traveling to new places. Joe resides in the suburbs of Washington, DC

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