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Our business model and philosophy is to have multiple streams of income. Our company has been successful as we utilize a four pillar approach

Long Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals

Property Management Services

Commercial Multifamily

Long Term Rentals (Passive Investments)

Our first pillar is Long Term Rentals. This is the most common strategy that our partners are familiar with, it’s the homes that we live in—it’s residential real estate. We like these investments for their steady income and appreciation. For simplicity purposes, these investments are considered passive investments. There are many advantages of Long Term Rentals include some of the following benefits:

Steady Cash Flow


Tax Incentives

“Low Touch” involvement

Short Term Rentals (Active Investments)

Our second pillar is Short Term Rentals. They are also known as Vacation Rentals which are considered to be active investments. Generally, Short Term Rentals are defined as furnished properties that are rented for a short duration of time. It all depends on the location, market and targeted clientele. We like short term rentals for the high income generation.

Some of the most enticing benefits for Short Term Rentals include:

High Revenue Generating Income Assets


Tax Incentives

Property Management Services (Active Investment)

Our third pillar is Property Management Services. We target underperforming properties and work with owners to help them reach their full potential. Our Property Management Services focuses on maximizing rental income, efficient operations, aggressive marketing while ensuring properties are properly maintained. With our proven track record we are often able to double the income of these properties.

Property Management Services provides the following benefits:

Stable Income Stream

Reduces Overall Risk to the Portfolio

Commercial Multifamily Investments (Passive Investments)

The last pillar in our company is Commercial Multifamily Real Estate. There are so many opportunities in the Commercial Real Estate space but our focus remains with multifamily simply for the purpose that people will always need a place to live. We like to buy multifamily to either to purchase and hold or to syndicate. Our business model is similar to what most people understand as “flipping a house” but we do this at a much larger scale over a longer period of time, anywhere between 5-7 years. These options give our investors and partners a wide variety of returns along with tax incentives on these passive investments. Not only do we actively syndicate deals in the Commercial Multifamily Real Estate, we also passively invest for diversification purposes.

Some of the significant benefits of Commercial Multifamily include the following:

Significant Returns on Investment

Tax Incentives; Reduces Taxable Income

Professionals run the Deal; Reduces overall Risks

"Low touch" involvement

Investment Criteria

B & C properties
B & C Neighborhoods
Value Add Business Plan
100+ units
Sunbelt States

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