Multifamily – Most Recession Proof Asset

Types of Real Estate Assets As a Passive investor, it’s important to choose the right Real Estate Asset to invest in. Following are the main categories of Real Estate Assets. ⦁ Residential ⦁ Single-Family ⦁ Multi-Family ⦁ Commercial ⦁ Office ⦁ Retail ⦁ Industrial & Logistics ⦁ Hospitality Each of these assets have their own […]

Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investments

As we promised in the last blog, this year is all about helping you achieve your investment goals. If you have the itch for real estate, you’ve come to the right place. And we are here to definitely help you!   Some of you may be wondering, I want to buy a piece of real […]

Happy New Years!

2022 is the year! After all, you’ve made all of your greatest new year’s resolutions to travel more, save more, spend less, lose weight, build wealth, relationships and probably just about anything else you can think of, right? To be honest, I stopped making resolutions years ago. I can’t keep them. The lists were daunting and overwhelming. […]